Cannon Beach

2017, Travel

Cannon Beach

Location: Cannon Beach, OR     |      Hat: Target     |     Bracelete: Victoria Emerson     |     Top: Loft (old)     |     Denim: Vigoss Denim

Cannon Beach is one of my happy places here in Oregon. It’s so beautiful! Texas beaches are nothing like this. The best part is that it’s only an hour and a half away from us. Any drive in Oregon is mind blowing to us still. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Texas from the bottom of my heart. But driving through the state is an absolute nightmare! It’s completely flat, dry and there isn’t really anything around. Drivng through Oregon I could stare at trees for hours. Just trees! The other day Michael and I were driving to the grocery store, which is about a 2 minute drive from where we live and we saw a bald eagle fly across our car. Oregon is amazing.

Once you get to Cannon Beach the little town is adorable. We walked around the beach for a few hours and loved it. If you’re a goonies fan they filmed on the beach 😉 My dad loved that movie. The house they filed at is also nearby. We are hoping to make it over there soon to see!

Even though it was in the low 70’s don’t let the power of the sun fool you. I brought a hat to keep the sun out of my face. This one is SO cute and I picked it up at Target! I had a coupon so I got it for less than $20 but it’s only $25 originally. I’ve said this before, I don’t buy many clothing items from Target. The quality just isn’t there to last. I think everyone knows that and that’s absolutely fine if you still love it! I definitely did a few years back as well. But the hat selection is out of this world. I can’t wait to purchase all my fall hats from there! The colors and styles are so on trend and compare to Nordstrom. Make sure to check them out 🙂

My other favorite are these wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson. The one I’m wearing matches with the colors in my hat so I fell in love with it. They have so many unique pieces and the quality is amazing.


If any of y’all are short like me I would absolutely recommend these jeans. You don’t have to do any additional cutting and you don’t have to cuff them. There is nothing more satisfying than buying a new pair of denim and they just fit like a dream. Plus they’re comfortable! I have so many pairs of designer denim that are so tight on my legs and too long. These are just easy. I love them!

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