Dreaming of Spring

2017, Fashion

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Happy Monday y’all! This is the time of the year where everyone is sick of winter and ready to jump into spring, am I right? It’s still pretty cold here. Who am I kidding, I’m from Texas so to me it’s freezing actually in Portland. But it still doesn’t keep me from dreaming of spring time. 2017 is going to be the best year of my life so I really can’t wait for this next season to start.

For starters, both of these sunnies are $12. That’s right, just twelve dollars. What is that, like two lattes? Definitely worth it! I bought a few of these from Nordstrom’s BP line. I personally have never bought designer sunglasses. Not even a pair of RayBans. They’re so much money and I’m too scared to pull the trigger. What if I lose them? What if they get stolen? Or what if I break them? So for now I’m okay with buying less expensive but that have the designer look. I scored about four different pairs of them and they keep coming out with more designs! It’s killing me. Snagging some of these are such a good idea for spring! Not to mention styles change constantly. Why shell out a ton of money for something that is only going to be a trend for one season?

Personally, I think the star of the show for this post are the studded pink booties. Are. You. Kidding. Me. I’ve been starring at the black ones for about a month but never went through with the purchase. Then the pink ones came out. Serious heart eyes. How PERFECT are these for spring? You can do so much with them without them being “too much.” I’m debating on getting them still. Lets be real, I love anything studded but when you add pink to the mix…I may have to snag them!

Let me know what pieces you’re wanting to pick up for spring!

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