Embroidered Booties

2017, Fashion

    T-shirt: H&M      Jeans: Hudson     Sunglasses: Nordstrom ($12!!)       Embroidered Booties: Topshop

One of the biggest trends you’ll see from 2016 and leading up to 2017 is embroidery. Which totally reminds me of elementary school with my tiny denim jacket with a smiley face patch and my girl scouts vest with about 40 volunteer patches haha.

There are a ton of embroidered options right now! From jeans, leather jackets, t-shirts, booties, hats and backpacks. I try not to get too wrapped up into trendy pieces so I just chose to go with some embroidered booties! It’s not too much of a focus piece and I know I can pair them with jean shorts in the summer. These embroidered booties are from Topshop and they are comfortable! My only complaint is the zipper in the back can sometimes be hard to zip.

I’ve mentioned this several times but if you’re afraid to spend a lot on sunglasses (SUPER guilty) snag these from BP! I can’t get over how good of a deal these always are. They are all only $12 and they change their styles constantly. Which is fantastic, BP evolves their sunnies with what is trending. I grabbed these oversized round rose gold sunglasses a few weeks back and they are everything!

Just wanted to mention…don’t mind my hair. I tried a new place in Portland and it was terrible!! They turned my hair orange and I had to go back to get it fixed and it’s still more orange on the top. I’m waiting to find the right place to go to so I can get it fixed. I have serious trust issues now with salons so I’m not sure how long that’ll take!


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