For the love of plaid

2017, Fashion

Plaid Shirt: Nordstrom        Vest: old from Loft          Jeans: AG Jeans            Booties: Vince Camuto

Photographer: Nicole Hart Photography

The beauty of this state will continue to amaze me. When I shot with Nicole here in Oregon I specifically asked for scenery like this! It’s so nice to know someone like her that knows exactly where to go. Michael and I came to Oregon for this. As funny as that sounds. I lived in Germany growing up so I’m used to everything being beautiful and green around me. Going to college in Texas was a little of the opposite you could say! Very dry and very flat. Moving to Oregon was a total no brainer.

The red plaid really matched the scenery, wouldn’t you say! Very woods-ey. I’ve had this plaid flannel in my closet for a few seasons now. It’s always a good staple to have for this time of year. The transition from fall to winter and winter to spring is the perfect time for plaid button ups! I actually really love it with this vest too. This vest is another piece in my closet that I rarely pull out but I’m so glad I utilized it more this season! It’s flows so well and really make the red pop.

My goal right now is to continue to wear booties as long as I can without completely going overboard! In Texas it just wasnt logical to wear an outfit like this because it’s too many layers most days! I added the vest for a little added touch of some neutral color. You know how everyone always says “match your shoes to your belt!” Well…my vest matches my booties!


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