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I like to switch up my hair care products frequently so my hair doesn’t get used to something for too long. I go back and forth between a few. To be honest it has taken some time to find what works for my hair. What works for mine may not work for everyone. Personally, my hair is oily only on my roots and incredibly dry on the ends. Since moving to Portland and adapting to the colder climate it really has taken a beating on my hair. My hair has always been oily but since moving here it’s slowly getting more and more dry. I also get my hair colored every few months. Generally I get more blonde every time I go and aim for a balayage / ombre look. Looking back at old pictures with my dark hair I am so glad I transitioned to this color!

  1. Shampoo

The Lush BIG shampoo is too good. For the girls out there that only wash their hair once or twice a week, this ones for you. If you go that long between washes your scalp needs a good cleaning. This is the perfect clarifying shampoo. It leaves my scalp feeling so clean and refreshed. I always receive compliments when I wash my hair with this. I don’t use it too often, since I like to mix it up a lot. But I will always have it in my shower. Michael can pretty much attest to that because I drag him to Lush with me when I’m out 🙂
I’ve recently jumped aboard the Pureology train. I have nothing but great things to say about this line! The shampoo is PRICEY, my goodness. But if you have a rewards card with Ulta you can use the money off towards this, which is what I did! I also got it on sale. So with both combined I got it for a steal. I’m trying to make it last as long as possible so I only use this every other wash.
I also love the Caviar line. It makes my hair feel soft and silky. I generally use this after I get my hair done since it tends to be more dry around that time. It really helps put some life back into it!


  1. Conditioner/Deep Repair Mask

Using a deep conditioner is so important to add into your hair care. I use a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair since I only wash my hair twice a week. Right now I’ve had these three conditioners on repeat. Every time I condition I always leave it in for 7-10 minutes. If i can leave it in longer while I shave I will. Try and leave it in as long as you can before washing it out!
Recently I’ve been loving the Pureology conditioner! This is without a doubt the best smelling conditioner I’ve ever used in my life. It makes my hair smell amazing and really helps repair my ends. I put a lot of heat on my hair since I curl it frequently. This deep repair mask really helps my ends look and feel amazing!
Kenra is also a good repair mask to have in rotation. If I use it too often my hair gets used to this very quickly so I have to make sure I use it sparingly. But it really does help when styling. It makes my hair soft without it being too silky where it’s harder to style. It’s the perfect combination!


  1. Hair Mask

The only hair mask combination I’ll ever use is a mixture of castor oil, coconut oil and occasionally honey. I personally leave it on over night and wash it out in the morning before work. Just a tip, if you do this make sure you shampoo twice or else your hair could be left a little oily. The reason I add honey on occasion is so it can naturally brighten up any color in your hair. I love it for when I’m taking a break from a purple shampoo. If you don’t like your hair growing out too fast (for coloring purposes) avoid putting castor oil on your roots. I made that mistake several times and my hair grew so fast I had to move my next hair appointment up! The castor oil and coconut oil combination can completely transform your hair. My hair is so shinny, silky and soft after I’ve done this hair mask! I personally do it every other wash.


  1. Heat Protectant

I’ve used the Tresemee heat protectant for years. Once you spray it make sure to brush your hair out so it spreads out evenly and wait for it to completely soak it. You don’t want your hair still wet when styling or it will burn. Not something you want when you just did a deep conditioner or hair mask! I also love the Redken heat protectant as well. I go back and forth just to mix up my hair care before styling.

Dry Shampoo

This may seem like an odd one to add to a hair care routine. The reason I added this is to help go longer in-between washes! I personally only wash my hair twice a week. It helps with keeping color longer and you won’t lose out on your natural oils. It may sound odd but you want natural oils to form in your hair. If not it’ll be brittle and dry. My favorite is the Batiste Dry Shampoo! It smells great and it gives my hair life on day 3 of a no wash! Honestly, sometimes my hair looks better on day 3 than day 1 because of this product! I’ve tried other dry shampoos but I haven’t come across one that compares to this. It actually sprays the same color as my roots. As compared to one that sprays with a white powder it is so much easier to blend in!

  1. Oils

After I style I like to apply a pea size amount of oil to nourish the ends of my hair. I’ve gone back and forth from Argon oil to the Redken oil. They are both great and make my ends look shiny! Like I’ve said, my ends are incredibly dry so I personally use oils every morning after I style. My hair loves oils and soaks up every bit! There’s nothing more I hate then to go through an entire hair care process and still have dry ends. It’s like all that work was for nothing. So I always polish off every morning with adding oils to the ends of my hair. It really makes a difference!


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    Oooh thank you for this post!! I’ve been needing something to make my hair grow faster, and I used to struggle with my hair routine when I was bleaching and coloring it. Now I know what to do when I go back. The Caviar mask was the only one that I can truly testify as to its powers with my crazy damaged hair – I loved it!
    I have a question: do you put something on your head overnight when you use the coconut and castor oil?

    1. Reply

      Hi Angelica! Not a problem! I personally don’t put anything on my head overnight I just wash my pillow case the next morning 🙂

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    I love the Argan Oil from Sallys and have never tried a heat protectant but have been looking for one since I got my hair blown out recently and the lady said I needed it! I will give the Tresemme a go 😉
    Courtney Bentley ||

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      It’s so inexpensive too, you’ll love it!

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    I love all your suggestions! I agree that switching products around helps and climate matters but what I’ve also noticed is the impact of what’s in the water (well water versus city water) depending on location.

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    I love trying new products! I use the same Tres Semme heat protectant spray, and I love it!


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    Girl I love pureology!! I just cannot get myself to buy it full price. haha! It really is the best though!


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