Lorac Nude Necessities Pallet Review

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Pallet: Here

How excited are y’all to transition into Spring??

Not only in the sense of bright flowers and sunshine (because who doesn’t love that?) but in a light and radiant face of make-up kind of way! Don’t get me wrong, we all love a smokey eye and bold lip but something about spring is so refreshing and glowing on your skin.

Which is why I wanted to talk about the new Lorac Nude Necessities pallet. First for some background information, Lorac and I have a love hate relationship. I have a very oil skin complexion so generally, their foundations and powders are not the best option for me but their eye shadows are what give me life!

I am drawn to a lot of the lighter nude colors, simply because I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to get ready. It’s a lot harder to do a cut crease and perfect eyeliner when you have to be at work by 7AM. So I stick to something simple, light and easy for everyday. When I came across this eye pallet at Ulta this past weekend I was automatically drawn in. Then I swatched it. Y’all I was in too deep at that point. Especially when I noticed it was sold out and had to drive to another Ulta to grab it!

The pallet has great transition colors since we’re heading into spring and especially living in the hot Texas heat us girls can’t wear a ton of makeup and expect it to last an entire work day (especially if we’re outside a lot). And can I just mention how sleek this packaging is?


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