Mustard Sweater

2017, Fashion

Mustard Sweater: Loft     White Jeans: Bebe    Bag: Steve Madden     Booties: Vince Camuto     Photographer: Nicole Hart Photography

There are a few pieces that I have in my wardrobe that I’ve had for years. This mustard sweater and these white jeans are some of them! Not every piece you buy will last, that’s just reality. However, when you come across those pieces that you do they are so special! Not sure about y’all but pieces like that remind me of events. These white jeans I purchased maybe 5 or 6 years back during my sorority recruitment. This mustard sweater reminds me of Sundays in San Antonio walking at the Pearl eating macarons with family.

This bag will definitely be the same way! I have a shoe box filled to the top with jewelry for my future daughter to play dress up with. I can’t wait to make another box for bags and accessories too! This bag is completely in trend with spring coming up. It has beautiful neutral colors and fringe. How can anyone hate that?! This is definitely not an every day bag. The beads can absolutely come undone if you aren’t careful. So make sure to take extra care of this beaut!

These white jeans actually didn’t come frayed at the ends. Being that I’m only 5’0″ they came long but I always just cuffed them. A few months ago I got so tired of always having to cuff jeans or alter them! So I just snipped away.  If you do this make sure you fray them with scissors or a knife too (responsibly please!). It makes a huge difference and looks so cute!

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