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How excited are y’all for the #Nsale?! It is literally Christmas in July. This is my second year shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is such an experience! There were some great staple pieces for a great price I couldn’t pass up. Stocking up on those key items is such a good idea, you really can switch up any outfit with them. It is all pre season fall items on major discount. I did all of my shopping online. I have a Nordstrom about five minutes from my apartment the only bad thing is that I can’t handle big crowds. It didn’t really work in my favor, half of my items did get cancelled. I’ll get it right next year 😉

  1. 1. PJ Pants

These pants looked incredibly comfortable. Year round I love wearing pants like these to lounge in. I hate being inside relaxing and wearing leggings! I saw Alyson Haley wear them on her Instagram and they looked so cozy so I caved in and bought the same pair!

2. Zella Leggings

Everyone has hyped these up like crazy. I can’t wait to see how they are.  I’m really hoping they are a looser fit. I love to be comfortable! Right now the only time I wear leggings is to wear workout clothes. If these do work I can’t wait to wear them with short booties and a big oversized sweater. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

3. Hudson Jeans 4. STS Jeans 5. AG Jeans

I have a problem with jeans. I’ve never truly found a pair I loved. I’m a petite frame at only five feet tall and 100 pounds. I’m really hoping a pair of these just fit like a dream and are comfortable!

6. Vince Camuto Booties 7. Sam Edelman Heels 8. Vince Camuto Booties 9. Sam Edelman Heels 10. Halogen Flats

The shoes in this sale were everything. My favorite part of any sale! Anything fall related I get excited for. Currently I have tall black boots and short booties in my wardrobe. This season I wanted to branch out this year on neutral and warm colors. Every single one of these are amazing buys at such a great price. I can’t wait to wear the lace up heels with the black hudson jeans above and a simple white top.

11. Pleione Top 12. Lush Top

 This is what I’m talking about! There are such good basic pieces on sale! Stock up on these if you can you’ll appreciate them later.

13. BP Striped Top 14. Lush V-neck

These are good for throwing on for an easy outfit. I love shirts like these to pair with a basic pair of bottoms to still look put together. All you need to do is dress it up and that is it. It’s so simple!

15. Blank NYC Jacket

I fell in love with the color of this jacket. I never have been a green person until recently. It’s such a good color for fall. I can’t wait to wear it with the two tops listed above for a casual but put together look!

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