Olympic National Park

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Olympic National Park

Hurricane Ridge 

White V-Neck: Target     |     Red Flannel: Nordstrom  (size down! Mine is XXS and still large)   |     Leggings: Zella      |      Sunglasses: Rayban     |     Tennis Shoes: Nike

Tank: Free People     |     Sports Bra: Zella     |      Leggings: Zella      |      Tennis Shoes: Nike      |      Sunglasses: Rayban

Hurricane Ridge is an obvious must see if you go to Olympic National Park. It’s breathtaking! We went right after 4th of July weekend. There was definitely a large crowd at the park but manageable. I would highly recommend going anything between July and August if you want warm weather. Otherwise, it may be a little drizzle or chilly. Although, it’s always a safe bet to bring a rain coat with you at any time! There was still snow on the ground in July (not supposed to completely melt until August) but still so warm out! Snow was the last thing I thought I would see in July.

This had one of the most amazing views I had seen to date. You could see for miles. Endless mountains with trees taller than I’ve ever seen since moving to the Pacific North West. Even if you’re a local, it’s such a good view. Plus with the mountains way off in the distance also still having snow on them made it even better! I was hoping to see mountain goats but sadly didn’t. Although I won’t lie, I was also too nervous to even see them! There was a path we almost walked that had a warning sign about aggressive mountain goats. My adventure side wanted nothing more but to take on the challenge but I totally chickened out. Right after we walked away and small boy and his mother took on the challenge, haha. Made me wish I would have just turned back around!

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent was beautiful! I highly recommend. You can actually drive to it which is rare at Olympic National Park because they don’t have paved roads throughout the park. Which in our opinion, was so unique to see! The water was so clear and to be surrounded by thousands of tall trees made us feel completely surrounded by nature. It made us completely step away from technology and appreciate the beauty of whats around us. Lately, we have had such appreciate for the beauty of the United States. I feel like everyone here is so anxious and eager to travel abroad and explore other countries. There is so much beauty in our own country that most people don’t give a proper chance!

It was so relaxing to just sit by the water and listen to the waves crash into the rock that we were sitting on. There was only one other couple near us and they had a dog that was having the most amazing time in the water! We watched him run around for as long as we could. It made us wish we had a pup of our own we could bring on our adventures – one day!

Olympic National Park Coast

Olympic National Park has everything that you could ever want in a National Park. You get mountains, lakes, forests and the coast. Among many other breathtaking sites. Michael and I drove along the coast as our extended route home. Sadly, we spent the least amount of time here and we accidentally missed the path that you could take to actually walk on the beach. When we finally parked we took a forest path down. It ended up being blocked off but we were still able to enjoy the view. It was blocked by broken and cut down trees.  The ocean was beautiful. It was very cold though, even for July so bring a light sweater!

If y’all have any questions about Olympic National Park, don’t hesitate to ask! We plan on going back at some point. Maybe when it gets colder out 🙂 Let me know if you’ve been and what your favorite part was!

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