Perfect Blue Coat

2017, Fashion

Blue Coat: JCrew     Jeans: Nordstrom     Booties: Steve Madden     Bag: Vince Camuto
Photographer: Nicole Hart Photography

Do these pictures scream Portland or what!? Coming from Texas, we don’t see this. Ever. Giant colorful trees?! Safe to say I’m never leaving, ha!

I actually went to get a manicure the other day since I have a nail salon about 150 feet away from my apartment. I had no idea that in Portland you had to bring your own nail file and buffer. It completely threw me for a loop! I also went in for a lighter blue color because lets face it I’m too excited for spring. They took one look at me and said “not in the winter and with your fair skin.” Some might be offended, I had actually never considered that. With my fair skin in the winter I probably don’t want pale colors since it’ll just wash me out even more. She actually picked out a dark grey for me and I loved it. Just a tip out there for my fair skin girls in the winter!

These booties are one of the best pairs of shoes I own. I’m obsessed with them. Every girl needs a pair like this! I scored these 2 years ago at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but they still make them. They’re super easy to slip on and off and they are so comfortable. They hold up perfectly with the PNW weather as well. I’ve worn them in the rain, snow, sunshine, you name it. For the first year I had them they just hid in my closet. It wasn’t until the last few months I really broke them in and got some use out of them! It’s always good to have an easy black pair of booties, especially if you have a blue coat like myself for instance that way it’ll match with more winter wear.

I’ve had this pretty blue coat for a little over a year now. I initially purchased it for a trip Michael and I took to NYC. Being from Texas you truly don’t need to own much of a winter wardrobe. I’m not even sure I had a proper coat before this one. I ordered it from JCrew online since they didn’t have this color selection in store. I ordered a 00P. It was ideal for a warmer climate sine layering up isn’t necessary. Here in Portland; however, I’ll most likely be giving this one to my sister (whose still in Texas) and getting a size up next year! It’s a little tight when I wear bulky sweaters so I’ll want something with a little more room for layering, great excuse for a new coat right?!


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