Post Grad Series: Uniform


Post Grad Series: Uniform |

Banana Republic Pants Ann Taylor Blazer Banana Republic Top Target Flats | Tieks Loft Pants | Loft Dress

All right ladies, it’s time to retire the nike shorts and large t-shirts from your daily wardrobe. It’s time for a post grad wardrobe update! Entering the work force after graduating from college is a huge change. I went from working at a cheer gym and wearing workout clothes 24/7 to having to purchase an entire new wardrobe. When I first graduated I wasn’t able to shop at Jcrew or Banana Republic. I shopped at target and kohls, lets be real. I bought a lot of pieces at a lower price.

If I could go back I would suggest doing it differently. Spend your money on more expensive pieces that will last! I don’t have anything I purchased from target or kohls 2 years back. They lost their shape and fell apart. The only luck I have had with Target clothing items are their shoes. The flats are affordable while still looking professional. I wouldn’t recommend too many expensive shoes that you’ll get a lot of wear out of in a short amount of time. They won’t uphold their value. The ONLY exception to that are Tieks! Girls these are what walking on clouds feels like. I stand at my job all day everyday. I’m talking 12 hour shifts 5 days a week. Trust me, if you’re standing these are a must {shout out to my mother for introducing me to these!}

I know a lot of the items pictured are cooler and more neutral colors. I suggest getting a solid amount of easy pieces like these and then adding pops of color when necessary. You can still have a professional blue blazer and tie in a hot pink blouse underneath and make it fun! Another thing I’ve learned is you always want a neutral nail color. I have my go to pale pink shades that I constantly wear because they really go with anything and is professional at the same time.


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