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Marfa, TX |

Marfa, TX | Marfa, TX | Marfa, TX | Marfa, TX | Marfa, TX | Marfa, TX | Marfa, TX |

Is it just me or did anyone else think the Prada Marfa building didn’t actually exist? It wasn’t until a few years ago I came to the realization this was a real place and had to go before I leave Texas. Before Michael and I ventured off into the middle of no where (literally) we did some research on the surrounding areas we could potentially visit during the trip. I couldn’t exactly convince Michael to drove over 8 hours just to see one iconic art piece. As it turns out, there is so much to do around this little piece of life! The drive over was also beautiful. You don’t drive by anything you’d be familiar with and that’s what I loved about it, it really gets you out of your comfort zone. We stayed our first night in Marfa, TX. Seriously, it was so cool. We stayed in a vintage purple trailer and it was such an adventure, I talked about it in a previous post here! We plan on going back sometime in the future.

The next day we made it out to the Prada Marfa building. Y’all, it is literally in the middle of no where. You can also tell t’s been through hell and back with vandalism (honestly who would take that long of a drive to vandalize something is beyond me) but it was still beautiful. Truly was an iconic piece.

If you are live in driving distance to Marfa it is a must to visit! We ended up traveling to Big Bend National Park the next day so that was relatively close as well. There are so many options. It’s also in an area where there isn’t a lot of people so at night you can see stars for miles and miles. It was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life.

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