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Personally, I have had a rough time trying to get into a skincare routine. When I turned 26 last month and finally decided I needed to buckle down and take it seriously. I was awful y’all. I would sleep with my make-up on all the time, never put on a face mask, didn’t even own an eye cream and to top it all off…moisturizer and toner? It was as if these words weren’t apart of my vocabulary anymore. When I first graduated college and started a big girl job and had extra money I took skin care so seriously. I invested in a Clarisonic and a few other skin care items and had a regiment. However, when I started a new job and worked 7AM-7PM daily, my skincare was put on the back burner because who had time for that! Alas, here I am over two years later with — we will just politely say rough skin.

I changed jobs and thankful now, I work a normal schedule so I can finally get back into a skincare routine. The perfect time to start again was during the Sephora VIB sale last week. I got a few different skincare items that I wanted to share!

I supposed I should tell you what type of skin I have now! My skin is very sensitive. It gets red constantly. That could be because I’m so pale too I suppose 🙂 I also have an oily t-zone. It doesn’t have much effect on me when I wear make-up since I’ve found a regiment that keeps it under control. However, when I’m not wearing make-up my face is very shiny and very red. It also has a lot of texture. That always bothered me the most. Little bumps everywhere. I never wanted to go out in public without makeup. I still don’t. I’m working on trying to love myself for who I am and not the makeup, clothes and accessories.

1. Face Masks

I used to love pampering my skin with a good face mask! It’s been a while since I purchased one so I kinda went crazy and got several, I picked up a few hydrating and clay masks. My plan is to alternate between the two so I don’t try out my skin trying to unclog my pores. So far I have tried the Origins charcoal mask, Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari BabyFacial, and I plan on using one of the overnight masks tonight!

2. Moisturizer

I purchased a few products from Drunk Elephant. I haven’t had a chance to use them for longer than a few days so I don’t have much of an opinion but for what it is and the price…I’m praying to the skincare gods these are tiny miracles! I read up on reviews and I love the entire concept behind the Drunk Elephant line.

Just a little tip for all my oily girls out there. Make sure you moisturize! I know it may sound absolutely crazy, and I was skeptical at first too. It does help to control oil. I also recommend to use an oil free toner prior to a moisturizer as well. One of my biggest mistakes would be to wash my face and then just throw foundation on. It makes me cringe now. You need a barrier there or all that makeup is just going to seep into your skin. It is the reason I have the little bumps I have all over my face!

3. Eye Cream

Lets all say a big hello to my new friend, eye cream! Why it took me so long to invest…I have no clue. I’m ashamed, okay. I decided on Biossance Eye Gel. This was 100% plant based. Which if you haven’t realized I love. Theres something about putting a bunch of chemicals on your face that just doesn’t sit well with me. This one had awesome reviews. You know how skincare companies always run trials for several weeks and they have statistics for what people thought? This ones results were incredible. To be honest I don’t really suffer with bags/redness/puffy-ness around my eyes. I only use it for aging prevention.

Once I find out what works best for my skin I’ll do a morning and evening skincare routine! For now it’s the fun trial and error part! 😉

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