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Target Dollar Spot -- thank you cards and note pads |

Target Dollar Spot -- thank you cards and note pads |

Target Dollar Spot -- thank you cards and note pads |

Target Dollar Target Dollar Spot -- thank you cards and note pads |

Target Dollar Spot -- thank you cards and note pads |

Okay, I know this is a completely random post but I just had to share! Anyone else’s happy place Target? Honestly, every time I need a good cheer up my mom and I go into Target and have the best time together whether we walk out with something or not! The first place we always stop you ask? Dollar spot…duh.

I’ve been grabbing these note cards for the last few months at the Target dollar section and they’re perfect! Each package have 8 note cards and for $1 you seriously can’t beat it. There are so many uses for them and you can get even more creative than what I’ve come up with!

  1. 1. College student. Write notes to your professors at the end of every semester! You’ll never know how important this is until it comes time for recommendation letters for grad school or even a study abroad program. These are affordable and it shows that you took the time to hand write something as opposed to spending all of your time on a computer. You can also write thank you notes to your internship bosses or academic advisers before you graduate, chances are they definitely helped you walk across that stage!
  2. 2. Basic Training – Anyone ever known someone going through basic training? I’ve known several and I’ve always written little notes on these cards and sent them! I’ve found some funny ones too to send to guys so it’s not always cute and girly! You just have to dig for them! 😉
  3. 3. Love notes! Cheesy…I know. But my boyfriend loves them! I don’t do it too often at all but every now and again I’ll leave a note out by the coffee machine for him to read when he wakes up or in his car. He keeps them all and it always brightens his day!
  4. 4. Children’s teachers If you have children you can write thank you notes for their teachers or after school care help. You can even have them write it for their teachers and it adds a little extra touch!
  5. 5. Military Gratitude This one is definitely my favorite. I grew up in a Military family so I’ve absolutely learned to appreciate every single person who has served. Have you heard of the Wounded Warrior Project? Well if you haven’t you should research it! You can write letters to our troops and veterans to let them know you’re thinking about them. The smallest gesture goes SO FAR! My sister usually starts off the letter with a joke. I love that idea so much! Click here to learn more about the program!

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