Bow Flats from Zara

2017, Fashion

Β Bow Flats: Zara

Hey y’all! Happy Monday! Anyone else sad that there isn’t a Bachelor episode on tonight?! That’s definitely one of my weaknesses. Michael honestly hates the show and refuses to watch it. So I usually watch it alone haha. I actually went on a work trip to California a few months back and one of the speakers asked if anyone watched the Bachelor and obviously my hand shot up. Turns out my hand was the only one that shot up haha. So embarrassing. Something things I should just keep to myself and the blogging world πŸ™‚

I ordered these bow flats a few weeks back in both colors. They have black and tan. They are so cute! Not to mention they bring me back to when I was younger and loved wearing bows in my hair. One of my favorite trends right now is pointy heels. I could wear a pointy heel every day if I could. I think they are so elegant and feminine and look great on everyone. Whether it be skinny jeans, a flare or even dresses. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with these flats. They have a pointy toe!

Comfort wise they aren’t too bad either! They’re a little rough when you first try them on around the heel. It’ll eventually wear in though. I’ve work them a few times and they dress up my jeans so well. I could wear ripped denim and a white t-shirt tucked in the front and add these and it’s perfect. I went into an ULTA recently and all the employees were obsessed! Not to mention these bow flats were only $22.99. How can you beat that price?!

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